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AdCouncil Fentanyl Awareness


Breaking through to Gen Z by breaking convention.

Fentanyl is killing kids at an alarming rate, but 73% of teens have no idea fentanyl is being cut into counterfeit pharmaceuticals. Or that it’s deadly. We set out to bring awareness to the issue, partnering with the Ad Council, Snap, and YouTube. From the start, we knew we’d have to be unexpected to break through. A “scared straight” or condescending approach wouldn’t work. We’d need to speak in a tone teens responded to in a way that couldn’t be ignored.

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A pioneering drug safety curriculum designed by an unexpected educator: the dealers who have sold and used, themselves.
Case Study Media

We created three lessons modeled after high school classes, but reimagined to discuss fentanyl safety. We piloted them at a High School in Holyoke, Massachusetts where former drug dealers stepped in as teachers — or “substitute dealers” — to educate students about the fentanyl crisis through the lens of their everyday classes. Because no other subject in school would matter if they were dead.

The curriculum went global. Reaching kids on digital, social, and linear media.

Each lesson became snackable content — including factoids, quizzes, and influencer content - tailored to its unique channel.
We open-sourced the lesson plans on, allowing any teacher to replicate the experience in their own schools.
Case Study Media
Case Study Media
Case Study Media
We don’t need lectures. We need information. From people who know.