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S&P Global


Giving a historic brand a bold new purpose.

Despite being a well known, century-old brand, few people know what S&P Global stands for beyond the S&P 500. After a major merger, the company needed its first-ever brand campaign to prove that S&P Global stood for something beyond the stock market.

What does S&P stand for? “Seek & Prosper” became an inspirational call to action. A redefinition of what the brand stood for, turning an old name into a meaningful rallying cry.
Our launch left the boardroom behind, turning to metaphor to inspire visionaries to dive deeper.
Case Study Media
Case Study Media
Case Study Media
Case Study Media
The metaphor extended from there, highlighting key pillars of S&P Global’s business.

We used beekeeping to talk about risk assessment, cave exploration as a metaphor for finding value in private markets, and skydiving to represent the changing winds of the energy sector.

Print & digital rallied visionaries and promoted curiosity
Case Study Media
Inspiring a sense of curiosity & discovery in the people who can change the world.

The campaign ran across TV, print, digital and social across over 30 markets in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNN, Bloomberg, and Forbes.

A better, more prosperous future awaits. It’s yours for the seeking.